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3 top tips to make your interior project a breeze

When you’ve made the decision to redecorate or redesign your home, it’s such an exciting time and who doesn’t want to dive straight in? BUT, if I can give you one piece of advice for that exact moment it’s ‘STOP’ and step away from the paintbrush. Why? Because it’s super important that every aspect of your project is planned before you start.. this is the key to a great interior!

Here are my 3 top tips for interior project success:

1. Take the time to define your style

Most people either like to think that their individual preferences mean that their own style is unique, or they don’t believe that they have one. The truth is that the majority of looks come under an established banner in interior design terms and the best way to confirm yours is to start by looking at your own home. Note the pieces you love and those you don’t. Think about the wall colour, the floor, the fabrics and see what you’ve been drawn to over time, chances are that a theme of some sort will come through. Then browse online at your dream homes and spaces and see if your aspirations have a theme. You might find that you start to see certain labels cropping up, like Scandi, Vintage or Colour-Blocking . These labels are your “style”. If you notice that you’re drawn to exposed brickwork, metals and greys, then Industrial could be your thing. If your vibe is more layered textures, up-cycled furniture and gentle colour then rustic or Spring style could be you.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to align yourself with one style if nothing is obvious but a great next step is to create a mood board on Pinterest and gather together images you like then move to finishes, fabrics and furniture. By the end of this process you’ll see your style come through and you’ll have a much better idea of a design direction that is all YOU!

2. Choose your colour palette and use the 60 / 30 / 10 rule

I’ve talked about colour in lots of blogs before (but I’m going to do it again!) as it’s my second top tip for interior design project heaven. Before you hit the DIY stores you absolutely need to establish the ideal colour palette that works for you and your family. I’m a big fan of the classic 60-30-10 decor rule.

It goes like this…60% of the room should be a dominant colour that creates the mood for the space that you want. 30% should be the secondary colour and the last 10% should be for accents only.

My Littleton Street living room is a great example of the rule in action. The pale blue on all walls, cupboards and sofas create a cool sophisticated vibe for 60% of the room. White gives contrast to the ceilings, windows and fireplace at 30% and the accessories like throws and cushions pop-out beautifully at 10%.

Follow this rule and you won’t go too far wrong with your project!

3. Select items that work for you and zone your space

The furniture and accessory pieces you choose in your design might centre around existing things you’re keeping (or a new one you’ve had your heart set on) but they should all reflect your lifestyle and how you want the room to function. When you start to research your chosen style, you’ll be inundated with furniture and accessory suggestions which can be overwhelming. So again stop and focus on what’s really important in the space, get a pen and paper out and zone your spaces according to the activities that will be carried out in them.

Once you’ve got your zonal plan together choose your furniture and accessories to meet the needs of the room, that way you’ll shop and spend so much more effectively and that’s what we all want isn’t it?

Every good interior design project should have a cohesive look and feel, so try these steps before you begin your next design adventure, they’ll pay you back in spades!

And don’t forget…

If you need a bit more help, my ‘How-To Guides show you exactly how to recreate some of my favourite interiors look in your home.

It’s my job to read between the lines and bring your vision to life, so if you have a project you think I could help with, I’d love to hear from you.