From pre-planning stage whilst a project is still on paper, through to final accessories, we can offer advice, support, management and implementation of your design.

An overview

Your dreams of improving your home are underway! You may have worked with an architect to create the space and have your plans submitted for permission and if so, you are probably beginning to think about getting builders’ quotes in.

Both are, of course essential to turn your dreams into reality but neither your architect nor your builder need to worry about the practicalities of your furniture layout and how you plan to live in the space.

Engaging an interior designer at this early stage could improve the quality of the space. Trained in spatial design, we can help you achieve an interior space that works both from a practical and design perspective making the most of the investment you are about to make.

Quite simply we start at the end, in that we look at how you want to ultimately live in the space with all the details that entails; we consider how you want it to feel and flow and then work from the beginning to achieve that before any costly building takes place.

Once the build is underway, it can often feel quite overwhelming to be making choices for flooring, lighting, paint colours etc (and spending a lot of money) under pressure. Given that you will be living with all these decisions for many years to come, it makes sense to take your time and consider all your options before the build is underway. We can guide you through this process so that you are one step ahead and feel confident in the decisions you are making.


Where we can help

  • We view the plans that have been drawn by your architect and we create a layout including furniture, lighting, electrical and plumbing positions.
  • This can also include a basic layout for a kitchen to fit within the overall layout (which can then be used to form the detailing of a design with your chosen kitchen supplier).
  • We can advise whether any small amendments would be worthwhile BEFORE the build gets underway such as moving a doorway or a radiator to a slightly better position.
  • You may not even need to extend! It may be that changing some internal walls to make a better overall configuration is actually what you need. We can work from estate agent’s plans or take our own survey in order to start the dialogue.
  • Once your project reaches 2nd fix stage (ie lighting, electrical and plumbing fixtures), ideally you want to be one step ahead of your builder who will want confirmation on flooring, tiles, light fittings, face plates etc. We can help with the over all design so that these choices can be made easily and scheduled for when they are needed.
  • Having the design scheme in place at an early stage, means that you again will be one step ahead of the builder, with decisions of wall coverings and woodwork all made ahead of time.
  • Please click here to see the Interior Decoration section for the rest of the services that are on offer.

Open plan furniture layout options