About Kate



I help clients to connect with their home emotionally by designing a space that will enhance their lives. I understand the power of colour and how it can influence your daily life.

Having worked in the world of design for over 2 decades, I have a deep routed love and connection with all things creative. My degree was in Theatre Design and this gave me the perfect education in freeing my mind of conventions; to interpret scripts in whatever way my imagination allowed. 



A Masters in Film Production design from the RCA led me into the world of work on feature films and large scale TV productions. I was surrounded by designers, craftsman, technicians and creatives. It also gave me the opportunity to travel the world, experiencing different cultures, light and colour. It was an exciting time!

Settling to have a family, I really appreciated the importance of my surroundings and noticed how they made me feel on a daily basis. This gave me a complete respect for home and all that it facilitates; a deep connection, self expression, a safe place to land… the next step became clear and my interior design business was born back in 2009.

Just as everything in life, my business has evolved over the last 10 years but the core values I hold have remained throughout. My aim has always been to work closely with my clients, creating interior spaces that inspire and elevate their hearts but practically the spaces function the best they can.
My projects have been featured in publications including 25 Beautiful Homes, Ideal Home, Style at Home, Houzz and The Evening Standard.

My passion for what I do has never waned and that tangible buzz I have when I see a client happy in their completed home is still as strong as ever!