About Kate Lovejoy Interior Designers in Berkshire


I know that there are lots of reasons why you may struggle to create a home interior, maybe it’s lack of confidence, lack of time or simply wanting to make sure you are making the right decisions before you spend big. I get it and I’m here to help!

I have a deep routed love and connection with all things creative and I bring 2 decades of design experience to the table.


I spent the first decade of work in the Film Industry- not only was I surrounded by craftsman, technicians, creatives and (let’s not forget) movie stars! but I also had the opportunity to travel the world; experiencing different cultures, light and colour… it was an exciting time!

Settling to have a family, I left the film world and took on the role of mum. I really began to appreciate the importance of my surroundings and noticed how they made me feel on a daily basis. ‘Home’ took on a new concept; a deep connection, self expression, a safe place to land… the next step became clear and my interior design business was born back in 2009.

You may have noticed that I am a colour fanatic! A big part of the development of my business has been to learn about colour psychology. It has allowed me to really understand the emotional value of colour and why we are all drawn to different palettes.

No longer do I design purely based on a trend or some randomly chosen colour but instead, I use the art of colour psychology (particularly the seasonal characteristics of colour), to inform my design which in turn gives you the space to be a little more bold and brave in your choices, allowing your distinctive style to shine through.

In short, I understand the transformative power that colour has and how it can influence your daily life.

Your space should show off your tastes and personality and work with your lifestyle, after all, home is the base where everything begins and ends. Ten years in the business means that I’ve worked on numerous projects and I’ve come to know what will work and more importantly what won’t, helping you to avoid costly mistakes.

My aim has always been to work closely with my clients, creating a trusted environment to work with synergy and momentum resulting in  interior spaces that inspire and elevate, as well as giving me a tangible buzz of fulfilment!

If you are looking to start an interior design project in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire or West London contact me to discuss your needs. 



What I love about interior design is connecting with people – using my design experience to translate their wishes into a tangible reality.

You may have a treasured piece you want to include or maybe a fond memory of a place you love- there are so many starting points that could be inspiration for your scheme. We explore seasonal colour palettes to see what feels instinctively right to you.

We look at the practicalities of how you plan to use the space. How the light works and how we can improve what you currently have.


This is the exciting first phase where we sit down and talk about what you want to create, your dreams and ideas but practically we discuss timescale, budget and any reference that you have are all discussed at the briefing.


I look at the architecture of the house and its surroundings and what is feasible for the design and flow of the interior.
I ask questions about you and your lifestyle, including practical needs as well as aesthetic preferences.

We work interactively through this phase and exciting ideas will evolve into functional schemes complete with layouts, swatches and products so you can get an idea of what I have in mind for your space.


Once the design is set, the project takes on a life of its own as work begins. The painting, wallpapering, flooring installation, and the like happens during this phase. I’ll keep everything on track and liaise with any essential trades.


Successful scheduling of this stage is essential to the smooth running of the project. Long lead times can drag a project on unnecessarily, so I keep a tight schedule on F,F&E.

Once the schemes are in place, time is allocated to style the space and to add any finishing touches.


Bringing a scheme to life is a labour of love and once styling is complete and your home is finished, a celebration is definitely in order. I will make a final visit to ensure you are delighted, arrange to take any photographs and leave you to enjoy your stylish new space.


Working with an interior designer for the first time might seem quite daunting! To help you, I’ve added some FAQs below to try to answer some of the questions you might have. If I haven’t covered your question, please do feel free to get in touch using my contact details.




Many people think that hiring an interior designer will be too expensive or that they’ll lose control. This is not true!

When you work with a designer:

  • You are more likely to meet your budget.
  • You are much less likely to make expensive mistakes.
  • You have an expert working with you, someone who will make sure the end result is exactly what you were hoping for.
  • You will save time, headaches, and money.



There are two reasons for using me to help you design your home. The first is because you like my designs. I love to work with colour and texture and the last thing I want is to produce a ‘blingy show home’ for you! You can see many of them reflected in the projects in my folio

The second reason for using me as a designer is because you like me and feel comfortable working with me! I like to work quite collaboratively with my clients. It’s really important to build trust from an early stage and I work hard in the early stages to really understand you and your family’s needs in the space and I always endeavour to create a warm, friendly and professional relationship with you and to make sure you feel as confident as you do inspired.



Yes absolutely! It is a little more cost effective the more rooms I work on, as whether I design one room or your whole house, the initial stages are the same. The time spent getting to know you and your home and establishing the overall creative direction is reflected in the project price of £1500 for an individual room scheme.


I often work alongside architects. By working in conjunction, an interior designer can look at the details of how you will use your space, possibly suggesting small adjustments at the early stages of a project that will make all the difference to the final design and layout.



This depends on the scale of your project and my scheduled commitments. We map out expected timescales for your scheme in the early stages of the project which could be anything from 4 weeks for the design stage to 9 months for full completion. Although I have projects that run longer than this!…