What we do

We help clients to connect with their home emotionally by designing a space that will enhance their lives. We understand the power of colour and how it can influence your daily life. We are often featured in the press and known for our bold and confident designs that can excite and delight, as much as relax and cocoon, but will always reflect the character and personality of the family that live in them.

“Kate really listened to us and helped crystallise our ideas”

Jess Maude

Kate Lovejoy

Kate has worked in the world of design for 20 years. A degree in Theatre Design developed her interest in fashion, textiles and love of designing 3D space. She followed this with an MA in Film Production Design at the Royal College of Art which enabled Kate to forge a successful career in feature films and large scale TV production which in turn, allowed her to travel far and wide.
With an enthusiastic drive for design and an ever deepening understanding of colour, Kate honed her craft and unique aesthetic which is so distinctive in her style today.
Settling to have a family, helped Kate ground all the knowledge in a complete respect for home and all that it facilitates; a deep connection, self expression, a place of safety to return to… the next step became clear and her design business was born in 2009.
In Kate you have a designer not only uniquely qualified to bring out the best in your property but a trusted advisor whose passion for colour and appreciation of home will inspire you to create something both beautiful and liveable.